Cal Tzedek: Meshuganeh Wordplay

Monday, September 13, 2004

Meshuganeh Wordplay

The folks at the Zionist Organization of America are very precise in how they (and I have no evidence that they consist of anyone other than Morton Klein) communicate. Palestinians are always referred to as "Palestinian Arabs." In the ZOA's last five press releases, the term was used fifteen times. I do not deny that Palestinains are, in fact, Arabs, but why repeat this unwieldy term ad nauseum? My theories:

1. To remind us, lest we forget, that since Palestinians ARE Arabs, they can and SHOULD live somewhere other than Greater Israel.

2. To villify both Palestinians and the broader Arab population at once, as frequently as possible.

The press releases are very formulaic: First, the United States is villified for even the most meaningless and insincere "pressure" on Israel "to make one-sided concessions to the Palestinian Arabs." Then the following words are presented in one unit: Palestinian Arab Terrorist Homicide Killers. Then, once we are reminded that all Arabs are, in fact, Maimicide Horrorists, they are brought to task for what is really their biggest sin: building houses on their land without (Israeli-granted) permits!!! The U.S. State Department is then condemned to a fiery abyss for not noticing this, and the release invariably ends by quoting Morton Klein, who repeats everything, word for word, that had appeared up to that point unattributed to anyone.

Fortunately, most American Jews --even those associated with AIPAC-- distance themselves from Klein who, despite his flamboyant rhetoric, is not nearly as detrimental to a peaceful solution as AIPAC.


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