Cal Tzedek: How cute!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How cute!

"Deportating Jews from anywhere starts the new Holocaust...not 'peace,' " declares DAFKA, the self-proclaimed "civil rights group" and seemingly-marginalized UCB student organization, as a byline for a piece of "news" or "commentary" (it's usually hard to tell which is which, if any are either, with them) entitled "The New Judenrat."

Now, lest we give Dafka too much credit, this does not appear to be an actual original creation; it is some rehashed propaganda from the Women in Green, romanticizing IDF Colonel Gadi Dorchler who says that "The pullout plan is extremely similar to the plan to deport Berlin Jews to the crematoriums." This, of course, refers to the Gaza disengagement plan, in which 7000 settlers will be asked nicely and given hundreds of thousands of dollars to move away from land which a). does not belong to them and b). will be unsafe for them once the IDF stops protecting them.

Now, unless I'm mistaken, these comments by Dorchler have become the basis for a police investigation; he could very well be guilty of incitement. Which is fine. I'm not going to criticize the Israeli government for taking very seriously some very inflammatory language, nor will I excessively commend them.

But it is telling that DAFKA, which shuns those who equate Zionism to Nazism or the IDF to Nazis (and they have every right to --Tzedek also wants nothing to do with such reprehensible rhetoric) proudly champions similar statements that even the Sharon government find too extreme.

Calling Israelis Nazis would be completely unacceptable from a left-wing group.

DAFKA calling Israelis Nazis, on the other hand, is a cute and original analogy, and better yet, it somehow protects innocent Israeli children from terror!


Ehud, is one of those idiot Jews who thinks if he deports fellow Jews from their homes over in ISrael that somehow all the rhetoric about driving the Jews into the sea will end. Note he lives in America.

The Germans had their "Jewish police" in the Warsaw Ghetto and thier "kapos" int he camps who gladly cooperated to control those other nasty Jews. This is Ehud and the Tzedek puppets for the Arabs.

DAFKA as far as I can see has consistently shown the truth and cut through Tzedek's fifth column activities at BErkeley's Hillel.
An anonymous poster has called me an idiot! That should teach me!

I do live in America. So does Lee Kaplan. I can't help but wonder whether he has ever been to the territories. Do you know, anonymous?

Also, "deportating" Jews from Gaza might be immoral, but how is it similar to sending THEM to crematoriums? They, if anything, will be safer in Israel proper than they were in Gaza. If you'd like to argue that a MILITARY pullout would put Israel at risk of annihilation, or that withdrawing settlers would "appease" terrorists, then I am all ears. But you have not compellingly argued that it is not irresponsible for DAFKA to publish this Holocaust-comparison rhetoric. Do you not think you will anger a huge number of Israelis and American Jews who otherwise might be sympathetic to your --and the settlers'--cause?

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