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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tarazi's reply

In today's Haaretz, PLO legal adviser Michael Tarazi
replies to a previous Haaretz article by Avraham Tal which was replying to a Tarazi article from a couple of weeks ago. The debate is about the 1-state solution, and who is responsible for advocating it (Israel, with its "barrier" and settlements, or Palestinians, with their desire for "destroying" Israel).
Tarazi was a member of a panel sponsored by Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace that spoke at Berkeley a couple of years ago, which I attended. Some (meaning, my dad) have described him as "Israel's worst nightmare," because he knows his stuff and is a very persuasive speaker. I'll bet we'll be hearing more from him in the near future, assuming he doesn't have an unexpected boating accident or find himself on the receiving end of an IAF missile or something.

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