Cal Tzedek: Are we all Israelis now?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Are we all Israelis now?

Mark LeVine has an interesting piece up at Juan Cole's blog, titled "We're all Israelis Now."

"Three years ago, as the pungent odor of what was left of the World Trade Center slowly pervaded my neighborhood, I wrote a piece called “We’re all Israelis Now.” I didn’t invent the idea; in the hours since the attacks I had heard several commentators say essentially the same thing, although our meanings were in fact diametrically opposed."
"For me, however, the attacks suggested a more troubling scenario: That like Israelis, Americans would never face the causes of the extreme violence perpetrated against us by those whose oppression we have supported and even enforced, and engage in the honest introspection of what our role has been in generating the kind of hatred that turns commuter jets into cruise missiles"
"This situation reveals something dark, even frightening about America’s collective character. Making the situation worse are the reasons why people voted for President Bush: the belief that he better represents America’s “moral values,” along with the faith that he, not Kerry, will fight a “better and more efficient war on terror.” What kind of moral values the occupation of Iraq represents no one dares say. "

Go read it now. (and while you're there, check out the rest of Cole's blog, which also currently includes information on the campaign of intimidation being waged against a pro-Palestinian professor at Columbia University).


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