Cal Tzedek: Jayyous

Saturday, December 18, 2004


I don't know if you've been following what's been happening in Jayyous, a Palestinian town adjacent to an Israeli settlement and one of those divided by the separation wall-- but none of the news looks very good. It looks like those wacky folks who labeled the wall a "land grab" are being proven right. Not only has the wall cut off villagers from their lands, settlers have now been actively destroying olive trees (Olive trees!). The Other Israel suggests that settlers are planning to build an extention of their settlement on this land.

"Settlers on Thursday uprooted 117 olive trees in the Palestinian village of Jayyus, adjacent to the Zufin settlement near Qalqilyah. Villagers said dozens of settlers, some of them armed, entered the olive grove owned by village resident Mohammed Salim at 8 A.M. and started destroying it with a bulldozer"
<Settlers uproot Palestinian olive grove , by Arnon Regular, in Haaretz>

(By the way, visiting Ha'aretz's website is always interesting- I am advised to buy IDF t-shirts, join J-Date, and donate to various charities. There are also a large number of art auctions, for some reason.)


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