Cal Tzedek: Is DAFKA racist?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is DAFKA racist?

UPDATE: For the latest on Lee Kaplan, read this.

Lee Kaplan is a true Renaissance man. As National Director of DAFKA, he is a brave, tells-it-like-it-is defender of my right to settle in all of the Land of Israel. In his former stint as the Coordinator for the U.C. Berkeley chapter of Students for Academic Freedom, he tirelessly defended my right to praise my government. As a front man for Stop The ISM he has significantly impeded the International Solidarity Movement by putting up a conspicuously incomplete website, promising to update it soon, then abandoning it. As a hard-hitting investigative reporter for David Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine, he holds nothing back: he has seen it all, and his writings --while scholarly-- are hardboiled and gritty in a way that can only be expected of a world-weary, no-nonsense journalist's journalist.

He now has a new job, which is front-page news on his own DAFKA site (let's remember that DAFKA still has many student members, and is most certainly not just a venue for Kaplan's self-promotion). As Director of Communications for the Northeast Intelligence Network, "Mr. Kaplan will be expanding the organization's media attention" (i.e. appearing on the Tovia Singer show every other week).

The Northeast Intelligence Network "is an anti-terrorist web site developed in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on America that will offer practical reference information, vital links, and other valuable information from an investigative perspective."

So, as a macho, no-holds-barred super agent, Lee Kaplan literally is defending my life, and for this I have immense gratitude. After all, he's in good company:

"We are not constrained by bureaucratic 'red tape' that always tends to slow things down. Although we are respectful and never try to be offensive to anyone or any group of people (except the terrorists who are trying to kill us), we do not have to worry about being 'politically correct.' "
--Answer to FAQ (by Douglas Hagmann, Director)

He goes on to demonstrate the sincerity with which he is respectful to everyone but the terrorists. In response to "Are you against Islam?" he clarifies:

"I am against anyone who flies planes into buildings and kills innocent men, women and children for their beliefs. I am against anyone who has painted targets on the backs of my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens and desires to kill them for their beliefs. I am also sick and tired of the sugar-coated rhetoric I hear about tolerance and political correctness, and I do NOT blame the US and our lifestyle for being attacked on 9/11. I do NOT believe we have to 'look inward' or ask ourselves 'why' we were attacked on 9/11 like some of the more visible politicians and pundits have suggested. I also DO NOT believe that the religion of Islam was 'hijacked' or 'perverted' as many in our own government have stated. If that makes me anti-Islam, then so be it."

It does make him anti-Islam, and not in the cute sense he is suggesting so as to demonstrate how Bold he is in Standing Up to the Intractable Cult of Political Correctness. This is virulently racist stuff in which he explicity rejects any distinction between "Radical Islam" and Islam, a distinction that even demagogues like Daniel Pipes pretend to make before warning us to keep an eye on that mosque around the corner, just in case.

Elsewhere, Laura Mansfield, Associate Director and Middle East "Specialist" writes: "I’m still waiting for an apology from Muslims for the September 11, 2001 attacks." That "Muslims" must apologize for these "Muslim" crimes echoes the filth that Israel Shamir peddles about collective, pathological Jewish guilt for "Jewish crimes" and "Jewish racism."

Are these sentiments consistent with the principles of DAFKA? It is very clear from the site's front page that DAFKA opposes racism and fascism coming from Arab and Islamic countries; and, because the group's membership is diverse and consists of "Jews, Muslims and Christians or Secularists," it can be assumed that this disgust with racism is from a universalistic perspective. So DAFKA is an anti-racist organization. True, it links to the Kahanist Masada 2000, but that's really just because Masada 2000 is an excellent source of the information which the Oslo Criminals are trying to censor from us. Why, then, would the National Director of an anti-racist organization align himself with racists?

It's possible that Mr. Kaplan is only interested in Stopping Terror and does not agree with the views of Mr. Hagmann or Ms. Mansfield. If he were anyone else, I would assume this to be true. But by Mr. Kaplan's own rules, he needs to explicitly and publicly denounce those statements or else he AND his organization will always be associated with them. Consider his January, 2004 e-mail exchange with SF State Professor Stephen Zunes. Kaplan says to Zunes:

"From my knowledge of you, you tend to run with people who advocate dismantling Israel. For our debate, I think it only fair if you have made statements in the past in the company of such groups, or attended meetings with them where you did not condemn certain activities or positions or statements you at least clarify your position by rejecting them."

He takes it a step further:

"Surely you can write a one page letter to Yasser Arafat? If you state your position as you have stated to me, it could prevent the situation from roiling some more. I do believe you are perceived by the "other side" as being against the US and Israel. You had time to write me, so certainly this should be no burden on you unless you fear presenting your views to your public? Humor me, write the letter, one page, and copy me."

It seems to me like Mr. Kaplan has only three options given the high standards which (I assume) he holds himself to.

1. He can clearly and publicly denounce the racist comments by his colleagues, thus preserving DAFKA's impeccable anti-racist credentials while being able to continue his important anti-terror work.

2. He can avoid denouncing them which, by his own definition, proves that he shares their sentiments.

3. He can claim that the comments in question are not racist --which perhaps is a legitimate position, although it would call into question the validity of DAFKA's anti-racist principles.

Lee Kaplan reads this. I can say with zero hesitation that as a Very Important Person with a Very Big Ego, and a Very Big Grudge against us Bolshevik Tzedek Extremists, Lee Kaplan will read any of our posts that mention DAFKA. So I challenge you, Mr. Kaplan, to be consistent with your own standards and act accordingly. I would be very disappointed if you didn't, because you protect me in so many ways.


Is DAFKA racist? No. But is Ehud an
idiot who would gladly destroy the Jewish people and Israel? Yes.

Neither DAFKA nor Kaplan, Hagmann and
Mansfield are racists. Being a Muslim is not a race. Islam, like Judaism is an idea. Can Ehud cite any major Islamic group in the United States like CAIR, ADC, MPAC, MPCC etc. that has ever condemned terrorism and not made excuses for 9/11? CAIR's executives have been routinely arrested for funding or aiding Hamas.

Ehud is a hell of a fella. As Jews are murdered in the Middle East simply for being Jews, Ehud embraces their killers then calls himself a peace advocate. The man is really delusional. One can picture him embracing Hitler's cause as Jews in Poland were marched to the gas chamber.

Lee Kaplan's articles are excellent!
They are well researched and reveal the Orwellian doublespeak of the pro-PLO Arafat acolytes like Ehud.
He personally got 73 ISM terrorist enablers deported from Israel. Now

I suggest, Ehud, you stop reading PLO websites and go to Lee Kaplan's websites or sites like, or or

Perhaps Ehud (is he really a Jew or maybe an Arab using a Jew's name?)
wants all Jews in the Middle East to be dhimmis like he feels they should be.

Ehud, did you know article 7 of the PA constitution sets up "Palestine" with sharia law and Israel as the only religion? The PA constitution in Arabic is the same as Saudi Arabia's and Iran's where they both hate and murder Jews for being Jews.

Methinks Ehud's bitterness at Lee Kaplan is because he has exposed the liars, especially the Ehuds who use their ancestry as a tool to aid the murder of other Jews. That's nothing new.

Ehud, go live with the Arabs you so love in the West Bank or Gaza. Oops!
I forgot they say you can't live there under penalty of death as a Jew. Maybe you should go live inside Israel where Arabs have equal rights to Jews except in the imaginations of the Palestinian propaganda ministries. 1.7% of the West Bank is populated by Jews, why can't they keep their homes and live in a Palestinian state like Arabs live in
an Israeli one? Why are you so sick
and twisted, Ehud, you refuse to see
the Arabs aren't "refugees?" That's a red herring to try and dismantle Israel.

Ehud's buddies in Berkeley insist there cannot be two states, only one state of Palestine. He'll live in Berkeley while opther Jews are murdered, or girls go through genital mutilation or are subject to honor killings in the new enlightened Arab majority-society of

Ehud, you need a shrink...

Israel and America need more like Lee Kaplan. The world would be a better place with fewer phonies like Ehud. I dare you to prove anything Lee Kaplan has ever written has been untrue.
Here's why Lee Kaplan is a great journalist: He cuts through the Orwellian doublespeak of someone like Ehud and shows the real goals of the Cal Tzedek stinkers.

Google his article Solidarity With Terror at Front Page Magazine.This guy has guts and can call a spade a spade. Ehud is sore because he exposes the lies and doubletalk of his group.

Lee Kaplan is also no racist. He's explained at lectures that people like Ehud use that explanation as a red herring, and he is right.

Due to Lee Kaplan's writings Cal Tzedek is no longer part of Hillel.
I hope in the future he can see to it they are no longer a part of UC Berkeley too because the Arabs, SJP and Cal Tzedek are the real "racists."

Kudos to Lee Kaplan, he deserves the Pulitzer Prize in my view. I hear he's going to have his own radio show in the Bay Area soon. Watch the
Cal Tzedek clowns cry and moan when he tells people more about them.
A few things. Firstly, I believe that Mr. Ehud is, in fact, incorrect as to his conclusions about DAFKA and Mr. Kaplan with regards to racism. While I bear no blood relation to Mr. Kaplan, I respect him and his doctrines, and have been so influence by them as to consider myself to be one of his "sons."

Especially as such - anonymous, Lee Kaplan Fan - check yourselves. You are doing a disservice to Mr. Kaplan and his noble minded endeavors.

anonymous. Unless I didn't notice, you only restated the points that Mr. Ehud already acknowledged as Mr. Kaplan's and added a count of 4 childish and 3 asenine remarks. Don't make me draw an ASCII Venn Diagram. Mr. Ehud proffered a (albeit incorrect) civil contention. Your lack of ability as a critical reader and disrespect for intelligent discourse make me question those that I call ideological brothers as well as weaken DAFKA as a whole.

Lee Kaplan Fan, do yourself and DAFKA a service and open your mouth only when you have something to say. The only reason why Mr. Ehud should sweat your article is because of all the hot air you're blowing up into his face. I'm not finding anything substantial in your rebuttal other than the amount of times you use the word doublespeak.

My apologies to Mr. Ehud on behalf of my contemporaries. I would like to discuss your opinions of DAFKA and Mr. Kaplan's writings further. If you would, please email me at I look forward to your reply.
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