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Friday, June 24, 2005

Shockingly, Schwarzenegger doesn't actually run UC Press

Alan Dershowitz appears none too happy about the forthcoming book Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History by Norman Finkelstein, which rumor has it, tears apart The Case for Israel. So what does the former ACLU advocate do? Why, writes to the governor of California and asks him to stop publication of the book of, course.

Schwarzenegger, showing unusual wisdom, declined to act. The governor's legal affairs secretary wrote Dershowitz, "You have asked for the Governor's assistance in preventing the publication of this book," but "he is not inclined to otherwise exert influence in this case because of the clear, academic freedom issue it presents." (read the whole story here )



Thursday, June 16, 2005

British Civil War

Some recent developments seem to have created a rift in a group of (largely Jewish) pro-Palestinian, socialist, and anti-Zionist activists in Britain.

Other bloggers --with much less tenuous connections to this situation than I-- have opined on this matter extensively. In summary, a small, uh, cabal of pseudo-intellectuals from nominally Jewish backgrounds have been steadily introducing classical anti-Semitic themes into the European socialist and pro-Palestinian movement discourses. The ringleaders are Israel Shamir, Paul Eisen, and Gilad Atzmon --an award winning Jazz saxophonist.

I'd rather not link to any of these gentlemen's writings any more than I already have in an earlier entry. Rather, I direct you to Jews Sans Frontieres where Mark Elf has registered his disgust with the SWP's decision to allow Atzmon a platform at the Marxism 2005 conference. Elf is British and close to the action, and will take part in a picket of a London bookstore where Atzmon will be speaking in advance of the conference.

This will be a showdown between the principled and unprincipled members of this movement, and I hope that the anti-racists are able to expunge the Holocaust denial, ZOG imagery, and Medievalism which these men have introduced --and which their apologists have defended-- from the movement.

One organizer of the picket also set up this petition "rejecting Eisen's and other similar arguments." I would encourage any readers who agree with the politics of these activists and who deplore racism and anti-Semitism to sign the petition.



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